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On the absolutely safe side with products „Make Safety Visible By SouthcoTM“-products

Proven Sustainability

Missed the open door? Not closed properly? Be it the loading flap on the bus, the door on the power distribution box, the cladding on the train or the flap on the IT storage - there are countless applications where you need to know whether the flap on the IT storage - there are countless applications that you know must be whether the flap is also securely closed. To further ensure this, Southco has upgraded many of their standard latches and closures with an easily identifiable mechanical visual indicator.


New! The „Make Safety Visible By SouthcoTM“-Produkte in the KVT-Fastening/Bossard Germany range are "a further plus in terms of security and, thanks to the clear display of the locking status, guarantee both the secure closing of flaps and, for error-free maintenance work, access monitoring when the flap is open", says Oliver Leitmann Elements also points out that the extensions not only offer the same functions and advantages as the corresponding standard products, but can also be used as a replacement part one-to-one in existing applications.




  C2-lever lock E3 VISE ACTION H3-EM „Electronic“ toggle rotary lever lock


A visual display was provided including:

  • C2-lever lock for applications that require frequent access, e.g., for refilling or maintenance.
  • E3 VISE ACTION® compression closure.
  • H3-EM „Electronic“ toggle rotary lever lock for applications that protect access to sensitive devices or information and require reliable access control through remote monitoring and inspection control.


I am looking forward for your inquiry:


Alexander Dobler 


Alexander Dobler
Business Development Manager
E-Mail: a.dobler@kvt-fastening.com